Tours in Indonesia


Motorcycle tours in Indonesia

I started this web site with stories and pictures about our motorcycle trips in Indonesia to keep track of our tours and to share the information with other riders. I have done most of the rides together with my son Max, who has also written many of the travel stories.

All stories and pictures are directly related to actual tours. We point to highlights and pitfalls and try to give you as much background information as feasible. We always try to focus on motorcycle tour aspects, and on our own experience.

On our trips we sometimes skip famous tourist destinations. Normally, the simple reason is that we have been there before. Use other sources for additional infos, if necessary. The link page contains many sites which provide information about Java and Bali.

What do you need to ride in Indonesia?

  • a friend or two (makes more fun)
  • a bike (you can rent small bikes in most tourist areas)
  • a helmet and riding gear (if you don't want to drive around with a plastic bucket on your head)
  • a SIM / international driving license
  • a map and a compass
  • a rain jacket (helps sometimes)


  We can help you to organize your tours

If you want to organize a ride around Yogya or a longer tour from Yogya to Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores and back, we can help you to plan the trip, rent the bikes (normally 250cc Suzuki or 200cc Honda), introduce you to the driving style and the common driving hazzards in Indonesia, and provide a tour guide from IMBY for the trip. All tours are individually planned according to your demand.

Contact me for details


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